It's time to make U JUMP your new fitness obsession.

What is U JUMP Fitness?

Find out what makes U JUMP the best group fitness workout in Australia, with its successful combination of high intensity, low impact, muscular strength, muscular endurance training.

Over the years, U JUMP has earned its reputation as one of the hottest workouts in the fitness industry.

What makes the U JUMP workout uniquely effective?

The U JUMP method is unique in that it is the only trampoline workout to effectively balance high-intensity with low-impact movements. You're guaranteed to feel the burn within your muscles, but not in your joints or connective tissues. This makes U JUMP perfect for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, craving a challenging workout that is healthy on the joints and spine, unlike other high impact workouts.

The U JUMP method, created by founder Mark Graaf focuses on core, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Your muscles will shake and you will sweat - U JUMP packs quite the punch! In fact, some U JUMP movements work over 600 muscles at once, making this method one that's efficient for your body (and your schedule).

Who is the U JUMP workout for?

U JUMP is for every body. No matter your previous fitness experience, U JUMP is a great challenge for new starters looking to shake up their routine, and equally good for seasoned gym and class-goers. Our regulars keep coming back for a reason!

If you're rehabilitating from an injury, U JUMP is the perfect low-impact approach to returning to fitness.


Fitness training like you've never seen before

Our amazing and professional instructor team guarantee a safe training session with high energy and laughs against killer modern tunes.

Unique workout benefits

The high-intensity, low-impact U JUMP method is designed to produce amazing results in a remarkable amount of time, due to its unique combination of the following in every class:

Strength • Cardio • Endurance • Core • Balance • Flexibility

By combining all of these, clients can strengthen, tighten, and tone their bodies in no time, making U JUMP fitness the best approach to full-body conditioning.

  • Burns calories and builds fitness fast
  • Activates more than 400 muscles while you train
  • 20 minutes of jumping is equivalent to 60 minutes of running
  • Builds your pelvic floor as your muscles strengthen
  • Increases your heart rate, giving you a strong cardiovascular workout
  • Increase lymph flow and boost your immune system
  • Combats high blood pressure

Want to open a class or studio?

Become part of the U JUMP movement and mission to change the Australian fitness industry by opening your very own U JUMP class.

We believe each person that becomes part of the U JUMP team offers a unique, individualised approach to the U JUMP method. As a result, Pro Jumping Fitness is able to extend the U JUMP lifestyle and dedication to fitness to a wider range of people. Find out more about instructor training options here, or contact us if you'd like to run U JUMP classes from your gym or fitness centre.

There are many reasons to add U JUMP to your group fitness schedule:

  • Programs to cater for all ages and fitness levels
  • Opportunity to run a U JUMP centre and offer all programs
  • Personal training and small group opportunities
  • All programs are purpose-built for gym setups, but also make a great team-building exercise.

Our programs are for everyone



Our go-to fitness trampoline workout is U JUMP - our BASIC program, which combines a high-intensity workout and muscle conditioning.


U JUMP Combat

Combat is high-intensity training with elements of martial arts and muscle building with weights. Suitable for seasoned fitness enthusiasts who like a challenge.



U JUMP Medical

Focuses on stabilising and activating individual muscles and adapted for rehabilitation and recovery. Perfect for clients with injuries or weight problems.



U JUMP Seniors

U JUMP Seniors is a great way for older clients with existing issues/injuries to stay active. Strengthen the whole body with this safe program.


U JUMP Fit Mommy

For pregnant & new mums. No shock, just gentle bounce. Gynos agree - if you feel well before & after exercise, the training is doing you (and bub) good.*


U JUMP Family & Kids

U JUMP Family & Kids is completely unique - the only fitness class with parents and children in the same class. Have fun and stay fit together.

* Always consult with your doctor prior to starting any new exercise program.