Please read through the Terms and Conditions carefully to make sure our policy fully reflects your expectations.

You need to complete our PRO Jumping Fitness waiver before your first class. Please attend 15-20 minutes before the start of class to complete it.

Please ask us if you're unsure about any of the following policies.


  • Booking your classes: For bookings, cancellations or confirmations, please register for an account and make your bookings through our online timetable. Your space is saved once you receive a booking confirmation.  To be eligible for online bookings, you must transfer to our new digital membership. A one-off $25 joining fee applies. Please email us to request bank details. We run on Clubware. Please refer to this link for Clubware's Privacy Policy.
  • Cancelling your classes: For all pre-booked classes, a 12-hour cancellation policy applies. We know unexpected situations arise, but we also want to ensure we can give those on the waitlist a chance to attend if a spot becomes available. Voucher users and PRO Jumping Fitness members will forfeit one session if they do not show up to class or cancel within the 12-hour cancellation window.
  • Late arrival to training: For the safety of all our members, we will only hold your space in class for a maximum of 5 minutes after the class starts. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late to a class, we may release your space to a standby client, and you will forfeit one session, consistent with our cancellation policy.
  • Training cancellation: We reserve the right to cancel U JUMP training one hour prior to the class if there are insufficient booking numbers.


  • Your membership card: Do you have a PRO Jumping Fitness membership? Remember to check the expiry date for the class pack you purchased.
    • 5 classes - 5 weeks
    • 10 classes - 6 weeks
    • 15 classes - 7 weeks
    • 20 classes  - 9 weeks
  • To join PRO Jumping Fitness, you must purchase your new digital membership card ($25). Ask us how to purchase your new card! This card is your access key to all U JUMP training.  Please bring it with you to every class. You cannot lend your card or allow anyone else to use it. If you lose your card, there's a $25 charge to replace it.
  • The U JUMP membership card is non-refundable.
  • One person per membership: You cannot share your membership with any other person. If you want to bring a friend to U JUMP, let them know they can grab a single class for $25. If they want to come more often, they will need their own U JUMP membership.


Your health and safety are important to us. This section sets out some of the things we require of you to help achieve that objective. 

  • How are you feeling? You must not attend U JUMP training while you are suffering from any illness, disease, injury or other condition that could present a risk to the health and safety of clients, guests, or yourself. If you happen to use the facilities and equipment before disclosing relevant health information to us, you promise that you are in good physical condition and you don't know of any reason why you may not be able to exercise safely. If you feel unsure that you can make this promise, we ask that you do not attend training until you feel you can.
  • Proper use of equipment: We'll give you a short instructional consultation with our team before you start your first training session. In any case, you promise to take care when using the equipment and make sure that you use the equipment appropriately and safely. If you're ever unsure how to operate any equipment properly, please ask our team before you use it.
  • We can refuse you entry: If you behave in a way that is seriously risky or inappropriate, such as if you threaten or harass others, deliberately or recklessly damage equipment or facilities, we can ask you to leave the facilities.
  • Please listen: You agree to follow any reasonable direction of a member of our team relating to health and safety, or any other matter.


  • Group sizes: We are following the guidelines set out by the Department of Health and Fitness Australia. The total number of people at U JUMP training can't exceed more than 1 person per 2 square metres
  • Cleaning: We take pride in our equipment cleanliness, focusing our high standards by ensuring our equipment is clean, in advance of every class.
  • BYO towel: There's no way around it - U JUMP is going to make you sweat. We ask for your support to keep our training and U JUMP community healthy, so encourage you to please bring a sweat towel to use during exercise.
  • Practice good hygiene: Wash your hands frequently, especially before class.


  • Water: Hydration is SO, SO important! U JUMP can be an intense workout, so we break for a quick rest and drink every track. Bring a water bottle you can sip from during breaks.
  • Towel: As per our point under COVID-19 GUIDELINES, we ask that you bring a sweat towel for your training session.
  • Proper attire: Standard gym attire is ideal. Try to avoid loose-fitting clothing since you'll be jumping the majority of the time. You may also want to break out your most supportive sports bra for comfort during training.
  • Shoes: For your safety and to get the most out of your workout, we ask that you wear trainers for your U JUMP training.
  • Try not to eat too much beforehand: We recommend that you don't eat too heavily or drink too much water before your class for a more comfortable session. 

We're so looking forward to watching our U JUMP community grow and help you achieve your fitness goals. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out by emailing [email protected] or speaking to us in class.