Where fitness meets function - and form

PRO Jumping Fitness is the market leader for fitness trampolines in Australia. A unique, high quality and functional design make our trampolines perfect for professional use.

We have an unrivalled edge in the market for a reason.


We stand by our product

We're not afraid to tell you our trampolines are the best - and with good reason.

We did our research, consulted with experts and used what we learned about movement in more than 6,000 hours of testing on a trampoline.

A few prototypes later, and our end product is not only a standout in the medical field, but today is a completely unique fitness trampoline that's perfect for professional use.


Our Standard steel fitness trampoline

Get to know our premier product. The PRO Jumping Fitness Standard steel fitness trampoline, together with our U JUMP workout, is a market leader in Australia, known for its high quality and unique shape.

Our fitness trampolines use what we call 'spider form' legs (that's right, eight legs) and come in an octagonal shape. This unique design makes it ideal for a consistently good, safe and healthy jumping technique.

Extra perks: It's the one-and-only trampoline with this specific handrail set up. Plus it's quiet, easy to pack away and stack. Win-win.

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Our Medical inox trampoline

With a background in sports medicine, our first goal was to create a trampoline that could be used primarily to help in the medical field - especially with clients struggling with weight issues.

The Medical inox is made from antibacterial medical-grade steel, offering enormous potential for use in health & wellness, medical centres, physiotherapy centres, rehabilitation clinics, weight loss clinics, and more.

Our Medical inox trampoline combines exceptional quality with practical functionality, and the same great design you can expect from a PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline.

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Ticking all the boxes

Here's the nitty-gritty stuff.

PRO Jumping Fitness trampolines are patented. They also come with a TÜV certificate, which confirms their quality and safety.

While our trampolines are German-engineered, they're entirely handmade, produced in Australia and are tested according to standards for medical use.

In case you need more convincing

We might be biased, but here are a few reasons our trampolines are exactly what your gym needs.

  • They're safe, high quality, quiet, light and easy to handle. Extra bonus: They stack beautifully!
  • Unlike cheaper imitations on the market, our fitness trampoline is uniquely shaped with its spider form, making it simple and safe to carry out a range of exercises.
  • Our jumping mat comes attached to a special cord. This gives it a BIG advantage over other trampolines. The cord transmits kinetic energy to your body in a safe, efficient way that protects your entire body (joints and organs). There's no g-force like you'll get on acrobatic trampolines.
  • Our height-adjustable handrail is built to ensure your safety and stability while you're using our trampolines. The handrail is really strong and well suited for people who struggle with balance and want the reassurance of something that's both safe and supportive.
  • You can use a PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline across a wide range of our programs - everything from medical rehabilitation through to training with kids, adults and mature-age clients. Bonus for gym owners: We can custom make trampolines to suit your branding needs.
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Trampoline specifications

Considering purchasing a PRO Jumping Fitness trampoline. Here are the facts:

Maximum load: Up to 400kg

Diameter: 120 centimetres

Total weight: up to 14 kilograms

Height-adjustable handrail: Our handrail is built to suit you, no matter your height. But to make things simple, they also come in Small (S), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL).

Colours to suit your needs

Here's our current fitness trampoline colour range. Do you need colours to match your branding? We can create custom colour schemes to suit your needs.



Our 'spider form' frame is octagonal and patented. It's also made of a pretty special lightweight steel tube.



The legs are non-scratch so you won't find any marks on your floor. Our trampolines have 8 legs and special caps to prevent slipping.



The special cord around the edge of the trampoline is safe and strong. You're guaranteed a smooth exercise experience. Noisy springs are history.



Our specially-designed handrail is multi-functional, height-adjustable and ergonomic. The grip is antibacterial, so perfect for medical use (and during COVID-19).



Our special custom-made mat will bounce back beautifully, even after hours of use. It's built for safety, so clients with weight issues are guaranteed safe, reliable movement.